Best North Indian Restaurant in Dubai

You are an expat in Dubai, who belongs to the Northern part of India and missing Chilli Chicken Roll and Ginger Tea. The one which your mother used to prepare for breakfast at home. If you are so determined to have your craving satiated then you may shut off your engagements in Dubai, for a few coming weeks, and check for a seat in the first flight to India. But, this could not be a practical solution for most of us. So, there is another more feasible solution to head to Al Karama right here in Dubai and near Ansar Gallery. You will find Mirchiwala, the Best North Indian restaurant in Dubai that serves these items as breakfast, along with other popular food items, from Northern parts of the Indian sub-continent.

Apart from the Chilli Chicken Roll, you get several food items here, including individual dishes peculiar to North India, and say, if you are short on time and want to order in a jiffy, then you can trust us for our Combo Meals. They have thoughtfully been designed to showcase our specialities, mainly to the first-time visitors, or the ones, who just want to have a cool breeze of taste, in their plates and are in a hurry. And, from the word “hurry,” if you are retrieving an impression that there is a scarcity of parking space in the vicinity, you are conceiving a wrong image of the place. There is one more implication to the word “hurry”— if you are extremely short on time, still you have the option of Ginger Tea or Roll. In addition to Chilli Chicken Roll, we also serve Chilli Chicken Roll Combo, Moong Dal Halwa, Gulatthi, Zarda, Mutton Stew, Nalli Nihari, etc.

The best North Indian restaurant in Dubai

We serve Rampuri Qorma, Moradabadi Biryani, Khichda, essentially typical North Indian dishes, and in the nick of time, you should be informed that we serve all three as our Weekend Special. We also have the authentic taste of Mutton Khichda, for you. We also have Kofta Curry in our offerings, which is a popular Indian and Pakistani dish that is made using tender meatballs cooked in onion and yoghurt sauce.

Other than that, our Indian Seekh Kebabs in Dubai are very popular amongst the consumers, because of their distinctive aroma, tenderness, and taste. Our authentic Shami Kebab will make you come back for more. Indian adoption of Mughal culinary is the reason why different sweet-smelling kinds of Kebabs propagated in and around North Indian plains of Ganga, Yamuna, and Sindh. Such local adaption gave popularity to traditional recipes, like Kachche Gosht ke Kebab. This type of Kebab is typically prepared as patties. It is a delicious Kebab, made out of raw minced meat, which is roughly drenched into chosen herbs and spices, and then given a round flat shape. These Kebabs are served at Mirchiwala, with condiments such as, a variety of chutney sauces, salad, and yoghurt. This moist and spicy serving has a distinct aroma, and if you love Kebabs, then you know what we are talking about! 

Blend of spices bring typical flavour and aroma of a Best Places for Biryani in Dubai, regardless of its distance from the place where it is being served. At Mirchiwala in Dubai, we use a combination of spices and age old recipes to craft a menu that will surely appeal to your taste buds. And, if you are a biryani lover, then you will definitely find our Moradabadi Biryani tempting.

Grills have travelled a long distance from being fuel-inefficient and messy to relaxing and enjoyable method of cooking at a picnic. Enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling experience of ordering the best grilled chicken in Dubai from Mirchiwala!

Short on time, order food in a jiffy!

Ordering food is a challenging task, if you are in hurry or visiting us the first time. We’ve made things simpler for you with our Combo Meals. Check our Combos today! Our Combo Meals are crafted to suit individual taste. Combo 1 comes with Biryani Rice & Chicken Malai Boti (4 pcs), Chicken Seekh Kabab (1 pc), Gravy, Salad & Raita. Combo 2 comes with Biryani Rice & Chicken Seekh Kabab (2 pcs), Gravy, Raita & Salad. Combo 3 packs Bukhari Rice & Chiken Malai Boti (4 pcs), Chicken Seekh Kabab (1 pc), Raita & Salad, together, while Combo 4 has Bukhari Rice & Chicken Malai Boti (8 pcs), Gravy, Raita & Salad. Combo 5 has Chicken Biryani with Chicken Seekh Kabab (1 pc), Gravy, Raita, Salad & 300 ml of Coke, while Combo 6 has a quarter piece of Chicken Tandoori with Naan (1 pc), Gravy, Raita, Salad & 300 ml of Coke.

If you are visiting us between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM (Dubai Time), then you can order a non-veg Thali, from us. Sabzi, Dal, Raita, Butter Naan, Salad & Rice are served in both the versions we offer. A nominal additional cost of is charged, if you prefer Mutton Curry, instead of Chicken Curry. This timing only applies to the Non-veg Thali, otherwise we are proudly serving you from 7:30 in the morning to 11:50 in the night. So, there’s a lot of North Indian scent in our pallets, do check in!

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