Best Grilled Chicken In Dubai

Domestication of fire, some five lakh years ago, engrained the concept of cooking food, in the mankind, and we started to look around for different ways to prepare and cook food. All of these different methods introduced diversity to our food basket. One common way that has gained popularity over time is using a grill to cook food. Although, the backyard ritual of grilling food as it took place at campfires and picnics came into fashion only towards a couple of closing decades of the previous millennium. But, as the years went by and newer catering and delivery businesses opened, now, many people prefer to order ready to munch crunchy grilled chicken from their favourite restaurant.

If you are looking for the best grilled chicken in Dubai then Mirchiwala is the restaurant for you. Order our grilled chicken for your upcoming picnic, with friends and family, or a business meet related to work. We are conveniently located in Karama, behind Ansar Gallery. You don’t have to worry for parking your vehicle, as there’s enough public parking available for customers. So visit us today and let us delight you with authentic taste, and become your favourite food joint, in the city.

If you are getting curious about the history and evolution of various grills and grilling methods, their origin and differences, then here is a brief background of the development of modern grilling techniques.

Evolution of grilling

The commencement of modern-day grilling can be drawn back to the 17th century when you look at the Arawak tribe of the Caribbean. These people used wood logs to create a flame over a fire and cook the meat on it. They used to call this method of cooking, as Barbacoa. This method of cooking was subsequently adopted by conquerors from Spain, who adopted and developed it until the 18th century when people in south-eastern America (the part of the North American mainland that watches the Caribbean region) took up grilling. Later on, different kinds of wood were used to grill meat to dress it in different flavours.

In 1897, Ellsworth Zwoyer registered the first patent of a design of a grill fuelled by charcoal. Similarly principled grill was then brought up by the Kings Ford Company, who many link with development of grilling. This Company was a creation of Henry Ford, and it used wood scraps and sawdust from the assembly lines of the Ford cars to create the charcoal, which was used as a fuel for the grills.

Soon after the World War – II, many backyards in America adopted barbecue grills. This activity was subsequently refined by a welder named George Stephen in 1952. He cut metal to make dome-shaped grills, using the top half as a lid to cap in the flavour and added vents in them so that the fire could not suffocate. This design inspires barbecue grills even today.

The next evolution came in with the gas fuelled grills that ran on propane. This increased the price of grilling, though it streamlined the process of grilling food.

The next change came towards the end of 1980s, when Bill Best added ceramic burners to the grills. The tile of the grill was heated to create infrared radiations, inside the grill to cook food in it. This is the design commonly used in restaurants today in order to more evenly cook the food, and lock in the juices, which further keeps the meat tender and flavourful.

Further refinement was introduced subsequently, viewing that the people started becoming more health-conscious, and began to look at excess body fat negatively. George Foreman introduced a design of grill that became popular for reducing fat.

Enjoy the best grilled chicken in Dubai

We can say that grills have travelled a long distance from being fuel-inefficient and messy to a relaxing and enjoyable method of cooking at a picnic. But, more relaxing and fulfilling would be the experience of ordering the Best Grilled Chicken in Dubai from Mirchiwala.

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