Best Kebabs in Dubai

Kebab is what makes anyone’s mouth water, provided they have tasted it earlier. It is fabled to have begun somewhere in Turkey, the Middle East, or closely located areas of Asia. This adaptable delicacy has now been generally accepted in and accustomed by almost every culture in the world. ‘Doner’ in Turkish, ‘Gyro’ in Greek, or ‘Kakori’ and ‘Galawati’ in Hindi are a few to be mentioned improvisations of Kebabs, from across the globe. In fact, you can try asking natives of any country and you’ll find some version of Kebab that is popular amongst them and loved by everyone who travels to that country. What is behind the popularity of Kebabs cannot be clearly stated- it could be the distinctive aroma it gives, or its tendency of melting down to tasty juices as you gulp them, or its out of the world taste, or its propensity to naturalise and prosper in taste as it advances in its cultural journey. But, what can be definitely affirmed at this point is that Kebabs are particularly very popular amongst people world over, and seeing the increasing density of expats in Dubai, it definitely is competing with itself for staying on the top of the list of Best Kebab in Dubai serving destinations in the world.

Mirchiwala, located in Karama, behind Ansar Gallery, serves you the Best Kebabs in Dubai. If you want to celebrate your occasion with Kebabs, then you can drive down to us, and enjoy the ambience, we have set for you and your family and friends. We are conveniently located and there is ample parking space nearby, so you just have to take time out and send invitations around.

Evolution and adaption

The early traces of Kebabs are found in the legend, which suggests that they are the brainchild of hungry soldiers, who skewered meat chunks over their swords, while roasting them over wood fire. Later on, in the Mughal era, Kebabs adapted to become softer, and absorbed aroma from various spices and dry fruits. The popular versions of Kebabs in contemporary Indian sub-continent are Seekh Kebab, Shami Kebab, Bihari Kebab, Chapli Kebab, Reshmi Kebab and Galawati Kebab.  Bihari Kebabs are simply chunks of meat roasted on an open flame. Kakori Kebab is famous for its soft texture and aroma. Chapli Kebab is originally a Pashtun dish, which is called Chapli, only for the virtue that it has a flat appearance. Kalmi Kebab is prepared by marinating chicken pieces in drumsticks and then roasting these pieces in tandoor. Galawati are melt in your mouth kebabs that are crispy outside. Sutli Kebab derived its name from the thread, which is used to tie meat pieces to the skewer. Seekh Kebabs are grilled to cylindrical patties. Firstly, ground meat is laid upon a skewer, and then grilled into luscious Kebabs. Similarly sounding, Shish Kebabs refer to seasoned cubes of meat, which are also typically threaded onto a skewer, then grilled in a tandoor.

The enwrapping scent of the best kebabs in dubai

Indian adoption of Mughal culinary is the reason why different sweet-smelling kinds of Kebabs propagated in and around the Indian subcontinent, and local adaption gave popularity to traditional recipes, like Kachche Gosht ke Kebab. This type of Kebab is typically prepared as patties. It is a delicious Kebab, made out of raw minced meat, which is roughly drenched into chosen herbs and spices, and then given a round flat shape. Once you eat them at Mirchiwala, you’ll agree that these are the Best Kebabs in Dubai. Our Kebabs are served with condiments such as, a variety of chutney sauces, salad, and yoghurt. This moist and spicy serving has a distinct aroma, and if you love Kebabs, then you know what we are talking about!

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