Indian & Pakistani Restaurant in UAE

The Middle-East has enjoyed historic and cultural ties for over three centuries, earlier with undivided India and later on with all of its fragments. They were closely entwined with multiple links of commerce, and culture, so much so that the UAE has derived a number of cultural elements from undivided India. Most significant of such derivations is the food. Chicken Machboos, for example, is analogous to the Indian Chicken Biryani, which is widespread among Emiratis. Fast forward to the contemporary UAE, the population of expats here from the Indian sub-continent is rising every passing day. And, the expats look out for food items that they miss from back home. This is the reason and business sense behind so many Indian and Pakistani restaurants in UAE.

Mirchiwala is an Indian and Pakistani restaurant in UAE that serves desi food, including your favourite Biryani that you miss badly and not get the taste in the middle east too often. We are conveniently located in Karama, behind Ansar Gallery, and there’s enough public parking available for customers. So visit us today and let us delight you with that taste of lip-smacking Biryani. Traditionally, it was cooked over a sweeping flame in an earthen pot. It is pooled with a variety of constituents to create a number of exceedingly tasty and uniquely flavoured combinations. These combinations are nothing but reflections of cultures that shaped these varieties of styles of Biryani. Blend of species, brings typical flavour and aroma of a place in biryani, regardless of its distance from the place, where it is being served. At Mirchiwala in Dubai, we use a combination of spices and age old recipes to craft a menu that will surely appeal to your taste-buds. And, if you are a Biryani lover, then you will definitely find our Moradabadi Biryani tempting.

Your favourite Indian restaurant in UAE

If you are searching for an Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Dubai then please drop by at Mirchiwala in Karama. We offer a host of delicacies from India and Pakistan including Moradabadi Biryani, Rampuri Qorma, Nalli Nihari, Khichda, Kachche Gost ke Kabab, kashmiri Dum Aalu, Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Paneer, Shahi Tukda, Moong Dal Halwa, and Gulatti.

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