Best Places for Omelettes in Dubai

Omelette is a dish, popularly made from beaten eggs (often beaten with a small amount of milk, cream, or water), and fried with butter or some cooking oil in a frying pan. People also like to fold this fried thing around fillings such as vegetables, meat (usually ham or bacon), or some combination of these.

If you are looking for best places for omelettes in Dubai then visit Mirchiwala today. The restaurant serves authentic Indian and Pakistani food, including your favourite omelette the one you crave to have in the morning and not get the taste in Dubai too often. We are conveniently located in Karama, behind Ansar Gallery, and there’s enough public parking available for customers. Let us delight you with that taste of classic omelette.


The earliest omelettes are known to have come up in the ancient Persia. They get a mention in the book ‘Breakfast: A History’, and were compared with the Iranian dish Kookoo Sabzi. The word omelette that has French origin became popular, much later, during the mid-16th century, however, the then popular versions Alumelle and Alumete had been used in the Ménagier de Paris way back in 1393.

In a formal discourse, French author, Alexandre Dumas deliberates several variations of omelette in his book Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine. One is an omelette with fresh herbs like parsley, or chives, another is a variation with mushrooms. Another sweet omelette, attributed to a royal cook of Prussia (a German state on the South-East coast of the Baltic Sea), is made with apples and brown sugar coating.

Varieties of omelettes

Fast forward to this day, in the South-Eastern parts of China, a dish similar to the omelette is prepared, which is known as Egg Foo Yung and made with beaten eggs and usually ham. In most of the inhabited parts of China, an Oyster omelette is made with oysters’ egg batter.

For lot of Parsis concentrated in the Western parts of India, Pora is an omelette made from eggs, onion, tomato, green chillies, and coriander leaves. It is usually served as breakfast, with Indian or Irani, tea and bread.

Kookoo is an Iranian omelette (this is probably the first look of omelette to the mankind) often containing large proportions of other ingredients, like herbs, vegetables, or meat folded in with fried egg covers. Nargesi or an omelette, with spinach as filling, is an Iranian dish, and is made up of fried onions and spinach, which later on is spiced with salt, garlic, and pepper. 

A frittata is the Italian version of omelettes that usually contain cheese, vegetables, or even leftover pasta.

In Korean cuisine, traditional omelettes are called Gyeran-mari, which is made with beaten eggs, mixed with finely diced vegetables, meats, and seafood. In the USA, Denver omelette

is very popular. It is filled with diced ham, onions, green bell peppers, along with other varieties of fillings. Typically, in the UK, an omelette in majority cases incorporates smoked haddock, hard cheese (typically Cheddar), and cream.

Searching for best places for omelettes in Dubai?

Whichever version of the omelette you may like, you will love our version of omelette. If you like to have omelette in the breakfast, or at any time of the day, we would be glad to serve your favourite omelette. We are famous for serving authentic Indian and Pakistani food, here, in Dubai.

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