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Khichda is a variation of the dish Haleem, popular in the Indian subcontinent. Khichda is prepared all year and particularly at the Ashura of Muharram. It is made using mutton or beef, lentils, and spices, slowly cooked to result into a thick gravy. Today’s Dubai is becoming home for more and more expats, majorly coming from the Indian sub-continent. And, the expats search for food items they miss from back home such as the best Indian khichda in Dubai.

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Khichda and Haleem are very similar dishes, except that the meat is well-minced or over-cooked in Haleem, while it is left as pieces in typical Khichda.

As per the Delhi based historian Sohail Hashmi, the Khichda originated as a respite against a famine that struck in and around the North Indian city of Lucknow, and construction of Rumi Darwaza and Bada Imambara was undertaken. Due to the famine, the then Nawab of Awadh, announced the construction of these historical sites, intending to provide relief to the population thus affected. He asked the people of the nearby villages to come to Lucknow to construct these sites, and so they would be given free food. This free food was some kind of Khichda that consisted of rice slowly cooked with mutton and various pulses, thus becoming opulently rich in protein and carbohydrates. Even when the construction of these sites was concluded, the dish continued to receive widespread acceptance and can today be found at many places, especially the Indian subcontinent. Travellers further took this dish to other parts of the world where it enriched with local flavours.

Haleem, Khichda and Khichdi

In the Indian subcontinent, both Haleem and Khichda are usually prepared using similar ingredients. But, Haleem is cooked until the meat merges with the lentils, while in Khichda chunks of meat remain intact. Khichdi on the other hand, is a vegetarian dish, which is prepared with rice and lentils.

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If the mention of Khichda is enough to drive you down the memory lane but you don’t plan to fly to India and Pakistan for your favourite khichda, we have a solution! At Mirchiwala, we serve you the Best Indian khichda in Dubai. Period.

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