Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai

Barbecue, informally also known as BBQ, is a term used to describe a cooking method that uses live fire and smoke to cook the food. The term is also generally functional to name the devices associated with this kind of cooking, and broader sense of the term also includes cuisines that this method of cooking produces. Various regional variations of BBQ can be classified into direct and indirect heating BBQs. Indirect heating BBQs are mostly related to North American cuisine, where meat is roasted or cooked slowly in smoke over wood or charcoal. Elsewhere, barbequing involves direct application of heat to the grills, through hot coals or propane, to BBQ food. 

In Dubai, if you talk of BBQ food, then you are obviously discussing the direct heating one. If you are looking around to find the Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai, then you should definitely visit Mirchiwala in Karama.  Most importantly, we are eager to become your favourite restaurant for BBQ. You can simply come to us, if you want to taste them and finalise our BBQ for your upcoming picnic, with friends and family, or a business meet associated to your work. We are conveniently located in Karama, behind Ansar Gallery, and you don’t have to worry for parking your vehicle, as there’s enough public parking available for our valued customers. So, visit us today and let us delight you with some authentic taste, and become your favourite BBQ restaurant, in the city.

If you are getting curious about the history and evolution of various BBQ methods, their origin and differences, then here is a brief background of the development of modern BBQ techniques.

Etymology and evolution

The English word barbecue has originated from the indigenous Taino word barbacoa. Majority of etymologists believe that barbacoa was derived from barabicu found in the language of the Arawak community from the Caribbean and the Timucua people from adjacent areas of North America. From here, it swam through the Atlantic Ocean, and landed in some part of Europe, and later on roamed around the globe. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the prevalent perspective, as “a metal frame for cooking food on over an open fire outdoors,” or “an outdoor meal or party when food is cooked in this way.”

After the Columbus episode of 1492, the Spaniards seemingly found Taino’s barbacoa consisting of a wooden framework sleeping on sticks above a fire. The flames and smoke from the fire rose and wrapped and soaked the meat, giving it a certain flavour. However, barbacoa initially involved digging a hole in the ground and placing meat above, in a pot, so the juices can be used to make a soup. It is then covered with maguey leaves (source of traditional Mexican liquor) and coal, and set on fire. This cooked slowly and took hours for it.

Soon after the World War II, many backyards in America adopted barbecue grills. This activity was subsequently refined by a welder named George Stephen in 1952. He cut metal to make dome-shaped BBQ, using the top half as a lid to cap in the flavour and added vents in them so that the fire could not suffocate. This design inspires BBQ grills even today.

The next evolution came in with the gas fuelled grills, in BBQ, which ran on propane. This increased the price of BBQ, nevertheless streamlined the process of barbecuing food. Then in 1980s, Bill Best added ceramic burners to the BBQ. The tile of the BBQ was heated to create infrared radiations, inside the BBQ to cook food in it. This is the design commonly used in restaurants today in order to more evenly cook the food, and lock in the juices, which further keeps the meat tender and flavourful.

Further refinement was introduced subsequently, viewing that the people started becoming more health-conscious, and began to look at excess body fat negatively. George Foreman introduced a design of grill that became popular for reducing fat.

The experience of eating at best BBQ restaurants in Dubai

BBQs have travelled a long distance from being fuel-inefficient and messy to relaxing and enjoyable method of cooking at a picnic. But, more relaxing and fulfilling would be the experience of eating at best BBQ restaurant in Dubai, which is Mirchiwala. We are conveniently located behind Ansar Gallery, at a stone’s throw from the Burjuman Metro station.

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